The Scribbly Motor Company is original automotive art and illustration by by myself, David Mingay. I’ve been creating one-off cartoon illustrations of cars or bikes for over 20 years. My work can be supplied as prints ready for framing or printed on canvas, Ideal gifts for the enthusiast, prices start at £65. Print or web ready artwork can also be produced for enthusiast clubs, race teams or businesses.

A Little History

Scribbly Motor Mk I 1989 – 1995
The original Scribbly Motor drawings were simple sketches. Hand drawn with outliner pen, graphic markers and colour pencil. I’d been doodling cars, mainly VW beetles through art college, but Claire (of Blatoo VW fame) convinced me I could sell some. She handled the sales and admin, I did the drawing, They were fun to draw, and were supplied in glass clip-frames. The prices so low I’m not sure we ever made any money!

Scribbly Motor Mk II 1998 – 2006
Always a bit of an IT geek, I started drawing using computers around 1998 and began creating illustrations using a vector drawing program, Corel Draw, to produce the line work then switching to Photoshop to replicate my old marker and pencil technique for the coulour. The hardware of the day was pretty slow and quite limiting. Try working on an 18Mb image on a 6Mb Pentium II PC! Nonetheless, I cobbled together a website and The Scribbly Motor Company was ready for the internet age.

Scribbly Motor Mk III 2007 – 2011
A slightly different technique allowed me to work solely in the vector program. The drawing were clean and sharp although some commented that they’d lost the scribble. Much of the royalty free work was produced at this time.

Scribbly Motor Mk IV 2014 –
Now better that ever, using some advanced techniques I developed to regain the scribble whilst keeping the precision that the vector style allows. Just how I work will have to retain top secret, but I will say that I’m still using rather elderly versions of Corel Draw and Photoshop, but that old 6Mb PC has long since been upgraded!