Monthly Archives: August 2014

Iveco Bus

echo-bus-3-webWhen I’m not drawing cars or involved in other projects, I help out at a disability day care centre. I couldn’t resist drawing their minibus! Quite a challenge to make a 10 year old Iveco look cool!


Back with a whole new look!

vw-golf-webBack with a new look and a new website, Welcome to Scribbly Motor Company Mk iV! The first of the new generation Scribbly illustrations is for a young lad with a tidy VW Golf. What was cool is that his parent’s had a very early Scribbly illustration of their wedding car as a wedding present way back in 1990.┬áMakes me feel old! The conversation went a liitle like this:

Him: Do you still do those Scribbly car Illustrations?

Me: I haven’t done one in a while but sure, Why not?

Him: Can you do my VW Golf?

Me: Of course. Would you like a set of Porsche alloys with that?

The result can be seen above, and here’s a detail view…