Five Hug Note

5-hug-note-both-sides-rev1Client: Charlie Bears. A collectable bear manufacturer based in Cornwall.

Brief: The client need a £5 gift voucher that was to be included as part of a club membership pack. They wanted it to look like a bank note, but not so much as people would mistake it for a real bank note. It had to be in the company’s corporate colours, and feature the image of a bear called diesel. The rest was up to me. Oh, and it had to be ready for the printer in two days’ time… No problem!It’s only when you really start looking at banknotes in detail that you see how beautiful and complex they are. Fortunately, my banknote was to be cartoonish and relatively simple. I was able to have concept artwork ready the next day, complete with ideas such as calling it a‘hug note’*, with a double bar ‘H’ hug symbol and ‘I promise to pay the bear’ text. The client was delighted and with just a couple of minor changes, I was able to deliver the finished work ready the following within the somewhat compressed timescale.

*Bear collectors will often refer to their collection as their ‘hug’.